Resistance to NY’s defective SAFEact continues and we are proud to have our Legislators cosponsoring this resolution


Several county legislators oppose the use of  county name and seal with SAFE Act

1/13/2014 By Dave Rowley, News Director

Several county lawmakers have co-sponsored a measure that would not let New York State use Chautauqua County’s name and seal in connection with the SAFE Act.  County Legislator John Runkle says he has learned about the state’s intent from two key officials…County Sheriff Joseph Gerace and County Clerk Larry Barmore.

The proposal would also apply for the names of the county officers. Runkle and eight other legislators, all Republicans, are opposed the apparent action.  The Legislature’s Public Safety committee is expected to take up the measure during a meeting this week.




County Legislators John Runkle, Borrello, Scudder, Gould, Tarbrake, Vanstrom, Lemon, Wilfong, and Niebel:


< Visit to check out 52 Counties, 259 Towns, 19 Law Enforcement groups, and 19 other Associations, all in opposition to the (UN)SAFE Act!!!

Chautauqua County having previously joined with 51 other counties in opposing the SAFEact, is now moving to join with 16 other counties and the NYS Association of County Clerks to reinforce that message:

County Seal / Logo / Name resolutions

Counties have begun passing resolutions denying New York state the right to use their county seal, logo, name, etc from being used in conjunction with SAFE act related letters or other messages (for example pistol permit renewals). This is a method to show continued resistance and to prevent county residents from thinking their county endorses the so called SAFE act in any way.